Mike M. March 15, 2020

Mike M.

"I have used Boiling Springs Tire for all my auto needs. I first used their services when I first moved to the Boiling Springs area in 2017. They have always been fair, professional and most of all prompt with service! Highly recommend!"
Billy G. March 2, 2020

Billy G.

"Lemme tell you about this place. I take all my vehicles here. I am a life long customer. Lindsay, (hope I got that right) is amazing. She schedules this place like a true professional. She is efficient and really nice. She knows her stuff too. The manager, maybe the owner, this guy knows how to treat people. He has always done the best to take care of me. The prices are hands down best in town. The quality of work is phenomenal. Today I told them I needed brakes and I needed them fast. They did not disappoint. I am very critical about mechanics because I am a car guy. I usually do all my own work but with a busy schedule it just makes sense to let someone else do it for the sake of time. If you go anywhere other than here you’re missing out on a true gem. 10 stars."
Christopher L. February 15, 2020

Christopher L.

"I called them this morning and was able to get an appointment, by the time I got there they were ready to take my recently restored 1970 Mustang Mach 1 in for an alignment. The techs were extremely helpful with answering all my questions and went about the alignment with great care and exceptional work ethics. They were very helpful with assisting me unload and load my pride and joy off and on the trailer. I have been a car guy for a long time and recognize exceptional service. I have no hesitations about the quality of service anyone can expect from Boiling Springs Tire. Thanks so very much. Chris Lynn"